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Internationally, currently the preferred method is Paypal, nonetheless a banktransfer is also a reliable option, especially in Europe.


Iban account number:



On behalf of St. Colorful Chances

NL97 TRIO 0338670300


The Bank account in Suriname, providing  ful Surinamese Dollars is Account number 312081410 Stichting Veelkleurige Kansen Suriname


Become a parent abroad! Adopt a child for € 25, € 15, € 12.50 or € 10 per month and feel connected with the child. We have a number of variations in adoption to explore.


While there are many children supported by us we can do more for them with solid support. Then you can occasionally have contact with the child in question and get acquianted. The support for the children varies:


There are children who receive a monthly bus fare, children who regularly receive money for school materials or money for additional needs, e.g. because their mother is on sick leave and only get a very small benefit.


Per child we determine what support is needed, but for the additional support we are happy with people who can make a fixed contribution each month. The costs of sustaining a primary school child is € 10 per month.


It is also possible to adopt a child with a school class, or with a congregation or with an association, please use your talent to join hands in the community as well!

Support a Project

Over the years, support through using talents has been a good motivator for many people. We still encourage people to support our projects directly with activities coming forth from their own talents as well as personal collections, of a check from a collection to quilts.


In this fashion, the ballet school De Singel has held great workshops for the benefit of our projects. Moreover, this year July 4th 2015, there was a one day dance course and seminar with workshops in Dordrecht for the benefit of our foundation.

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