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Our Results
To get an impression of what we've been doing, we want to sum up some of our results in perspective, for details please consult the specific project descriptions, newsletters and annual reports. But we feel the need to summarize some relevant results:
What have we actually achieved in the 32 years that children were supported?

We assisted hundreds of children in going to school 


We taken in, cared for and guided over 100 children

What have we achieved with Colorful Chances since 2010?

We have provided children's books for 13 schools


Wehave taken in at least 32 people, children and adults and (temporarily) given shelter


In total we have allowed 64 children to gain knowledge in first aid and to obtain the youth First Aid A-Diploma


 45 adults obtained the First Aid A-Diploma


About 22 women and one man passed the cut and sewing course, two former trainees are now course leader of a sewing course


We certainly helped over 80 children attend school


We have provided children's books and toys to 4 children homes


We have provided wheelchairs, tricycles and rollators to traffic victims and the disabled


In Sunny Point we have organized events for at least 100 children


We have learned 20 children to play flute

Annual Reports in Dutch
Recent News Letters
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