Volunteer Jobs
Volunteer First Aid Teacher 2016

In order to provide First Aid classes in groups of different ages, we are looking for volunteers for 2016. This person must be good at taking initiative and working with people of all kinds of religions and ethnicities. Given the environment, creativity is needed to support dozens of people with limited resources.


Desired skills:


+ Experience in giving first aid lessons

+ Good communication skills English and if possible Dutch and French are desirable

+ Experience in medical institutions is an asset

+ Able to deal with all kinds of people

+ To test and instruct people


Please send an email with your CV and motivation to colorfulchances@gmail.com before 15 February 2016.

Volunteer Sewing Instructor 2016

In order to give sewing classes on different locations, we are looking for volunteers for 2016. We would like to have active individuals capable of continuing projects on existing locations as well as starting on new ones. One should also be able to collaborate with people from all kinds of religion and ethnicity. Given the environment, creativity is essential as well as commitment the project.


Desired Skills:

+ Proven experience in sewing, making clothes and quilts

+ Good communication skills English is necessary, Dutch and French also desirable

+ Experience with giving classes with sewing machines in sewing

+ Manage a group with young and old

+ Give instructions and homework


Interested? Please send an email with your CV and short motivation to colorfulchances@gmail.com 


Universal Volunteers and Interns

Universal helping hands are welcome throughout the year. However, the designated periods would differ from those specified.


Even for a month could mean a lot for all this could include tutoring children and to set up and organize a library.


But also, volunteers who are good at carpentry and building are always welcome, because we occasionally have small projects, where we renovate simple (wooden) houses. We appreciate volunteers who want to help with the rebuilding, skill in carpentry and bricklaying is desirable and also dexterity and ingenuity. It is for us the art with little money (only material) to make the housing of some people and youth livable.


Want to do volunteer work with us? Please email CV to colorfulchances@gmail.com in order to look into suitable projects.


Dear Future Volunteers and Interns,


Vrijwilligers  Volunteers are essential to our work and especially those with experience in guiding and collaborating with other volunteers. We have the principle that we challenge volunteers to do something with their own talents and various volunteers have made various contributions and we hope they will continue.

Rudy and Monique have helped in the supervision of children, Maaike and Rosella helped with giving first aid classes and nutrition classes. Geke helped give sewing classes just to name a few examples. And right now Hinde cooperates with children's projects in Suriname. In the course of two years we have had numerous volunteers varying periods us and the children, or people have helped here. Each contributing with their talents and ideals thus apart from the specific profiles, but other volunteers are also welcome


If you lack the funds we can find a suitable residential location, provide indications of the costs and can help in finding sponsors. We can help with a draft letter to be sent to different organizations, churches or friends or acquaintances with which you are involved. For interns we have various options, it may be theologians or people from the socio-cultural sector to name a few examples. We've had trainees, who had an internship under the care and supervision of the children in our Foundation.


Also in the Netherlands, we are looking for volunteers, people who want to organize one or more times a fundraising activity to one of the projects. Believe in your own possibilities and choose to cooperate with us. Send an email with CV to colorfulchances@gmail.com to explore the possibilities together.


Yours sincerely,


Colorful Chances Suriname  Suriname