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We are colorful of nature and the focus of our activities. We focus on different ethnicities of Surinam and have diverse projects in different parts of Surinam and French Guyan. We also wish to unfold opportunities for children and adults in different fields including music, singing, painting, writing, sewing, doing odd jobs, makin jewlery and many other things.


The predecessor of Colorful Chances is the association children's aid Surinam "lobi pikien" founded in 1982. The new association Colorful Chances was founded in 2010, nonetheless we are constantly trying to continue on and broaden approaches of our predecessor. 


Colorful Chances Suriname aims to give opportunities to underprivileged children and adults to give them a chance at harversting  their full potential and develop themselves.


The priority of our orginization lies with the children and currently these are the children in Surinam. We focus on children whose upbringing has lacked security, education or love. For these children we try to provide the possibility to give a safe environment in order to develop themselves.


We work with Adults and children with issues such as sustaining jobs, receiving the right education and raising their kids. We stimulate people to learn a skill and their practice at home aside from domicilliary obligations.


For people who have been trough a lot we wish to provide social safe haven where they can learn to cope with past experiences. For many teenagers that lack to see the opportunities in life we wish to help them find their way again in order to see their goals in life.

Director:             Jolan Gaaikema

Secretary:           Georgtina Codfried 
Treasurer:           Marsha Samedi
Member:            Margriet Dalh
Member:            Eline Todie

Who, What, Where and Why

Our Board and Team
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