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Building Projects

Sometimes we help people who have problems with housing. So we have helped a mother with eight children with money to build a house.


It's just a simple house, but with simple means there is a good house to be built. Her son and his friend helped in the building and also people from her church.


There is a simple house somewhat rebuilt and improved. Only is there anything more money is needed to completely finish the house, but the house has even a modest front balcony.


We have also helped Mama Doe, who is so actively engaged for the Church, which has a roof next to her house, where church services are held weekly.


Mama Put her house was in need of a rebuilding and we have helped her a little with your support. Soon the rebuilding continues. It took a little longer, because those who would build it constantly postponed, this was a lesson learned, but now is the time for rebuilding.


In addition, we also helped in refurbishing the toilets used by people who attend the church.

In Guyana we help people who have no decent sanitation facilities. We would like to give people the chance to get good sanitation comprised of a toilet and bathroom. The construction of the toilet and shower has already started as seen in the pictures, but it's not finished yet.


Much remains to be done. Moreover, the cost in French Guyana are again somewhat higher, because this is a different country with European prices. But with a few hundred euros, we can do a lot here.

A student who lives in a simple house with her brother, also needs some support so they can just live a little better. At present she has no bedroom, no bed and no table and chairs. With some help to her house for guests easier and nicer.


You can help with your school or church congregation in one of our projects.In these months we want to improve the sanitation facilities of the town and the home of Sister Dahl will be refurbished. For this money has been raised in the Netherlands. The intention was that it was long before now started, but the workers have always postponed. Now we hope that it will really happen. We have financed the construction of her simple house for one of our former workers, a single mother with a large family. She is very happy with her new home. We have already provided additional money for doors and now we have support for the final finishing of the house.


If you support a project with mention we will be able to provide pictures..

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