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First Aid classes are regular on our program being both first aid classes for adults and children. There are regularly organized first-aid courses, which among others are also participated some of our board members, but also nursea, school leaders and teachers participated. We also organized first-aid courses for students of the Clarke School and for the children in our home.


All first aid classes are taught by volunteers and we hope that new volunteers will come in 2016 to support us, because we have been expanding our board and our team and we believe it is important that they also learn first aid . Actually we think that all all of our board members, volunteers and workers should know first aid. Therefore, we organize at least once every two years, first aid lessons.

First Aid Classes

In August 2014, enthusiastic volunteers from the Netherlands, Anja and her daughters Amy and Myrthe, have given first aid classes for two fifth classes of the Clarke School, both with about 30 students. The children have learned what to do with burns, how to drag someone away from danger, what to do if someone threatens to choke, what to do for a nosebleed, how to build connection and much more.


It were mainly practical lessons and the pupils have practiced extensively with each other and then they got their certificates, which they were very proud of. The fifth graders were chosen because they are the next school seniors and they can then help the other kids at school when minor accidents.

The children have learned a lot and it remains the intention to continue First Aid classes in 2016. We hope to have First Aid - dolls, so that adults can also earn CPR. Moreover, we want the first aid lessons that expand so that all our employees and future volunterrs are well versed in this area. The health and safety of children is important.

First Aid and Responsible Nutrition Pont Buiten

In partnership with the Salvation Army to Pontbuiten of which two people are in the board of our foundation, we started giving first aid lessons and lessons on responsible nutrition. The lessons were given by the second medical team that arrived in Suriname.


It were the volunteers Maaike (doctor's assistant) and Rozella (dietician) that provided information on a sensible diet and what to look for, e.g. diabetes or if anyone wants to become less dense and Maaike gave to a group of eight people first aid lesson. Maaike gave first aid lessons, the eight participants were given extensive lessons and meanwhile they cooked responsibly for the learners.


An examination was made and eight trainees gained certificates of the course First Aid Part 1, it is envisaged that there will be a repeat course at any given time and a sequel, so the same people can later do First Aid Part 2. People have learned a lot, were pleased with all of these lessons and the food was delicious.


It is our intention to give a repeat course in 2016 and then to learn to CPR people too, but for that we need CPR first dolls. We would like to receive this as a gift and we hope that will give a volunteer first aid classes in 2016.

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