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Sewing Projects
Sewing project Wanica

In Wanica we already had two sewing courses, the first was in 2012 and nine students succeeded, the second was in 2013. In the course of 2012 some women have been trained to teach new students. Our teacher in Wanica is one of them. Her name Kelmien Jabini who led the courses in 2013. In 2013, 10 students passed, nine women and one man.


And Kelmirn led the same course again in the beginning of the school year 2015-2016. Depending on the number of assignments it is determined whether to start one or two courses, everything evolves around the ability to effectively teach the individuals involved. We think about both a course in the morning and one in the afternoon / evening.


So far we have organized the sewing courses in a way that students were not only taught, but also could buy a sewing machine and pay it off in a year. With the new courses, we no longer work with new sewing machines, in order to reduce costs.


We work with sewing machines and students themselves must later decide whether they want to buy a sewing machine at a store, that is their choice. We work with five sewing machines and there is space for 10 students: five working behind the sewing machine and five involved in cutting the patterns and so they take turns.


Meanwhile in 2015 was the first part of an intensive sewing course, it is led by Susanne Lugard. This is a course designed for sewing teachers, because we want to extend the sewing classes and also allow them to be given in other places to make it sustainable and that is only if we have enough teachers in different places. These students had three weeks of daily lessons in August and there was a follow-up course of two intense weeks in October.



It is intended that the students also will learn a thing or two from PR and setting up a small business. The completion of the course includes a few former students that will be given additional classes. If successful nine or ten people will be able to continue giving classes.

Sewing project in New Nickerie

In New Nickerie, we have for some time been busy with the sewing course. The sewing courses are initially given by several volunteers, but are now given by Rachel Eli.


She has was expecting a child, but that child is already quite grown and now she has begun the classes again with a lot of skill and fun.Rachel is director of the Olga Clark orphanage, but also hairdresser.


The courses in New Nickerie are slightly different than in Wanica, everyone learns at their own pace. So does every student an exam at another time. On the photo you can see a successful trainee and her creation.Meanwhile, this group of students is ready and we want to start with a new group of students.


Sewing project New Aurora

In New Aurora the sewing course is taught by Susanne Lugard. She also participated in the first course in 2012. For the course in New Aurora is a special cottage is available, where different sewing machines are stored. Unfortunately, not all sewing work equally well, but the course instructor get by pretty well. In total 12 students have joined the course. As the mother of Susanne became seriously ill and died months later, the course has still not been completed, but soon Susanne will start there again.


The students work on the machine and by hand. They are well skilled in sewing. If the first group is successful, the next group begins, because there already are a number of new students aangemeld. For the new course there are new people to sign up. In the interior we are working with old-fashioned sewing machines, because there is no electricity during the day. It is intended to restart the cutting lessons in the last months of 2015!

Naaiproject Nieuw Aurora
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