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Chances for Kids
Child Aid Suriname New Nickerie


Historically, since 1983 Kinderhulp Suriname 'Lobi Pikien' active in Nieuw Nickerie. Jolan Gaaikema left for Suriname in January 1983, starting from Easter 1983 she was preacher at the Eben Haëzerchurch of the United Protestant Church there. Along with her work there in this municipality also created a lot of work for Child Aid Suriname: Slowly but surely, more and more children live in the rectory. The children's work at the parish grew, because after a while, there were more than 40 children in the Sunday school.


Jolan was the first female  preacher in Nieuw Nickerie, later she lived for a period in Stone Dansi inland. There Jolan was not only preacher but also teacher at the newly founded school, where 21 children from all classes in one classroom. In the afternoon it served  as a community center where the illiterate adults could follow a course and then in the weekend, the school was the church.


Inland people also were baptized near the river. Many people and especially young people from the community were baptized and many of them have found a place in a local congregation kerk. In 1987 Jolan and Humphrey went back to Neuw Nickerie, where they took in about 35 children. During that time she held services in the house at the Waldeck. Also, there was drama played with the children and singing. Many of the children who lived there in Neuw Nickerie them were refugees of the civil war.

After Jolan and her husband Humphrey Banai in the late eighties went to the Netherlands left 'Lobi Pikien "continued to support children in Neuw Nickerie. First there were a large number. Later, several children have moved to Paramaribo, and when we supported children in different places. After some kids from school went off, they were replaced by others. There were only a few children in Nickerie on child support, and now most kids live elsewhere, but we also keep seeking and receiving information on the need to help families in New Nickerie.

Pont Buiten

The Salvation Army building in Pontbuiten has been a meeting place for Lobi Pikien children. Several people from the Salvation Army have in the past supported the child aid children, long before the foundation Colorful Chances Suriname was founded. In recent years were that Virginia Hiwat George and Tina Codfried and Marsha Samedi. The latter two are members of the board of the foundation.


The Lobi Pikien children who are cared get more than just money, they also receive spiritual support and thanks to the enthusiasm of Marsha Samedi, some of them now decided to become an officer of the Salvation Army. It is beautiful, like children who have been helped, decide to be a helper.



The work of Lobi Pikien begun in 1983 and still continues, only now under the name of the Colorful Chances Suriname. As we have made our concerns, but thanks to a gift we can this year provide for some of the 60 children a few more times, but this is not enough. The final payout will be in September 2015 and we want to continue this work and that is only with the help of funds or donations.

We hope that many people want to be a relative of one of the 60 children's aid children. We have already found a few people who do that, but more are needed. In August 2015, we also held a benefit dance for and with our dance groups in collaboration with the dance groups of Pontbuiten. it was a very successful evening, spent this night is not so much money. The enthusiasm of the dancers was huge and it made the evening worth. In the future we do it again and we hope to raise awareness benefit to us and good to have a good yield. Finally, all beginnings are difficult.


Lobi Pikien Paramaribo

In Paramaribo a lot of children are living supported by the merged organization Lobo Pikien. With Child Aid Suriname 'Lobi Pikien' and now with the Foundation Colorful Chances we have in the past years come across over 50 children childrenthat very often without our support would not be able to go to school. In the last year the number has grown to 60 children, of which at least 40 live in Paramaribo. The support has been variable, were sent many packages in the past with clothes and food, now the support is more financially and spiritually. If you really about to support a specific child, you will be mailed a special monthly newsletter for the people now considered to be a relative since 2015. To give you an idea of who you support, some kids will introduce themselves to you:


My name is Shagilo and I'm 14 years old. I'm in the 1st class of secondary school. My hobbies are playing football and running. I want to be a judge when i grow up.


I Timothy and I'm 16 years old. I'm in the 2nd year of training LBGO-commerce and administration. My Favorite subject in school is English and I can also speak English very well.


Well, God has done a lot for me, where I thought that there was no way, he has shown me the way. Because a child without a mother is like a vase without flowers.


I Have been lonely without my mother, but I just keep walking with God in his road ald I will never stop walking on his road and I want to thank him for letting me know who I am. God is good all the time.


I love my family very much, especially my little brother Juromie who has a disability. He can not walk, but yes as God has made certain people, so we should just accept that and I do not make jokes with him. For me it does not matter how you were born, I love you. So I just love children who have disabilities. I go every Sunday to church and I'm so happy, that I may know the Lord. So I'm just someone who very much love for everyone does


I am just a boy with peace and God is my salvation!.

I am Petra, am 18 years old, I like a lot of singing and dancing and I'm in the 1st class IMEO. I am the people of this organization very grateful that they stand by my sister and me with financial help Thank you very much. Oh yes, I forgot one very important thing, yes I have a twin, which I find very cool and special. Her name is Pricilla. We both love dancing and singing. We are the only children of my mom.


Jesus loves you and we love you too!

My name is Sarah. I am 13 years old. I'm in the first grade of secondary school. I want to be someone important in the society. My hobbies are cycling, swimming and reading. I'd never stay put.


My poem is about learning:


Each child is required to attend school in order to later be something in society and so he/ she can support his/ her mother in need. Yes not think too early about making children, first think carefully about what you're doing! For it is difficult for you: your diploma is your first husband.


Jesus loves you and we love you too! 

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