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Dance Classes

With our foundation we have two dance groups. Both are under the inspiring leadership of Priscilla Hofwijk, a young dance teacher who has won several international diplomas in religious dances and is authorized to teach this. She is also closely involved with the Salvation Army in Pontbuiten and gives also headed up two dance groups.


Priscilla was not unknown for us, for several years she was a child support our pupils and we are proud that she has developed so. She gives lessons with enthusiasm and care, alongside practical lessons she teaches dance theory.There are two dance groups, namely the Esperanza dance with young women and girls aged 12 to 23 years.

And as the second group, we have the Rainbow Kids that are boys and girls aged 8 to 12 years. At present there are in the dance Esperanza at the rehearsals 12 girls present, but that does not mean that much to participate in any action, because the teacher determines a dance, who dance well has mastered and who can dance with.


There was a performance with eight dancers and also one with six and at the last gig was on May 3rd, which was only danced by three girls, but it was beautiful.

At the Rainbow Kids currently eight kids are participating. The kids were very nervous but also very excited at their first appearance in May 2015 and we hope that they will develop good at dancing and often will occur.


You can invite (one of) our dance groups for a performance at a church service. There are no costs, but we are happy with a contribution towards travel expenses, or maybe you can be a minibus which met a group and put your church.

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