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For our library we've received a lot of books. The first books came from Drenthe by boat to us. And we were very happy with that, because at home we have a number of children who have difficulty reading. Later there are still good things to come, when people came to us with yet more books. In September we received two boxes of toys and sheets, but also a lot of books for beginning readers. We have a library with books for children with different abilities and of course we regularly hold a reading hour, so that the reading level of the children goes up.

Lelyvillage, Marschall Creek, Klaas Creek en Compagnie Creek



In August, our board member Margaret Dahl with a few people went to visit three schools to offer as library books on behalf of our foundation. The first place that they visited was Marschall Creek. The leadership of the school was surprised because the school had a real shortage of library books. The school head and the deputy head saw the six boxes of books and were enthousiast.In the new school year, the children now read quite more and that means that not only their reading level goes up, but also in the other classes, they will perform better.


The second village, which was attended by Margreet Dahl was her own village Klaas Creek, where she used to live and where she still has a cottage. There too, the teachers were surprised, because six boxes of books still is a lot. And the books of all levels for all different classes. So reading for all classes of the school. The teachers went straight into the boxes to have look at what was inside, and they were very excited!



The third and last place visited was Compagnie creek. Also here were enthusiastic teachers, but the students also were called in to get the boxes out of the car and bring it into the school. The teachers indicated that these books are very welcome and hope that we can still provide them more books in the future. With a feeling of satisfaction about the result our board went back into town to Sunny Point, where they reside. In the future we also want to include a library set up in Sunny Point and in Lelydorp. So library books remain welcome.

Library New Aurora

In New Aurora we have several activities. First we have the village supported with books for their library, we have given a lot of boxes of books and school supplies to the village. The deal was that the people of the village would build a library and that we would take care of a lot of books and we have respected the agreements.


On the library is a beautiful painting made from a reading child in a tree. Preliminary New Aurora has no library books anymore, that is why now we are focusing on other projects.


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